SOLD OUT Wallawong Yippee LEJ K15 – $55

Yippee epitomises modern industry requirements: low birthweight followed by great growth, while still maintaining carcase shape and topline thickness. Couple this with excellent structure and from a young, productive, high impact dam and you have a great choice for your next joining.

Fantastic pedigree and EBVs being near breed average for Birthweight and in the top 5% for growth EBVs. All this while being above average for EMA EBV and exhibiting a bomb proof temperament.

Frame Score: 6.4, Scrotal: 43cm.

Highly recommended based on his pedigree and performance data. Get in early and add some to your order or email us

“We couldn’t be happier with the Yippee calves…they are very impressive. We ended up with 6 heifers (av 351 kg) and 5 bulls (av 383 kg) at close to 9 months of age. The best yippee bull calves topped the weights at 403 kg.
They have beautiful, quiet temperaments and one of the bull calves that was on our Grand Champion Female at the Adelaide Royal is showing great potential and has a Stud breeder watching closely as he grows out. We also like a grey bull calf that we might use in our own herd if he continues to grow on well.”

Katrina Sanders
Ballyvaughan Murray Greys

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