Wallawong Masterclass LEJ M22 – $55 – our best Jeopardy son

Masterclass has commanded attention since birth. He has developed to expectation, displaying a well muscled hindquarter and solid topline. Combined with an outstanding pedigree, sleek coat and exceptional temperament, Masterclass is a very versatile sire. Used as a yearling his calves show excellent style. Masterclass’ dam, T.T. B33 is most sought after, with embryos selling to $1200 each and international demand extremely high. His sire Jeopardy is also proving highly reliable.

Quality EBVs are also a feature being in the top 5% for Scrotal Size and top 10% for both 600Day Wt and EMA EBVs.

Pedigree and EBVS here

A sire suitable for stud use or as a high quality producer of heavy domestic progeny.

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