Silver Angus

What is a Silver Angus?
Wallawong Premium Beef’s Silver Angus are very high content Angus animals that are sleek coated and silver in colour.
Developed from Murray Greys and Angus they are proven to be part of the Angus genome.
Wallawong Silver Angus are dual recorded with Angus Australia and Murray Grey Beef Cattle Society and are part of Angus and Murray Grey BreedPlan evaluations.

Why Silver Angus?
Silver Angus have all the benefits of Angus in a light coated more heat tolerant package. Silver Angus have great potential for improving meat quality, finishing ability, marbling, temperament and fertility when crossed with Bos Indicus in tropical beef production systems worldwide.
We believe Silver Angus is a more accurate description when explaining our cattle to the world. As a result, Wallawong are currently exporting Silver Angus genetics to Brasil, Mexico, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Europe.

Science and Genomics Prove Murray Greys are Genetically Angus
2013 research into breed relatedness by Dr Sunduimijid Bolormaa, who was working with the then Victorian Department of Primary Industries, effectively placed the Murray Grey breed within the Angus population.
The research published in Journal of Animal Science 91:2088-3104 showed the Murray Grey genotypes tested lay in amongst the Angus genotypes when mapped in a genetic relationship matrix. Bolormaa et al., (2013) also reported a measure of the genetic differentiation between breeds Angus and Murray Grey was only 0.03.
Source: Bolormaa et al., (2013). Accuracy of prediction of genomic breeding values for residual feed intake and carcass and meat quality traits in Bos Taurus, Bos indicus, and composite beef cattle. J. Anim. Sci. 2013. 91:3088-3104.
This research had not been highly-publicised by Murray Grey breeders to date because there had been a desire to differentiate from Angus.
However, Wallawong understands the two breeds Murray Greys and Angus are the same product, with simple genetic variation in coat colour, and wish for them to be correctly identified and marketed in the industry.

Independent Research Verifies Murray Greys Are Genetically Angus
Independent research, led by Southern Highlands breeder Dr Roger Houghton, Rogialyn Murray Greys and Platinum Angus, tested Murray Grey cattle against the Angus genome.
This was done through gene sequencing and single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) studies of a sample of related animals (Murray Greys with and without recent Angus infusion in the pedigree) at laboratories in the USA.
Dr Houghton said the testing found the essential difference between Murray Greys and Angus was in the coat colour modifier gene.
“The tests showed Murray Greys are greater than 99 per cent pure Angus genome.”
Source: Goodwin, S. (2016). Black rules in Angus brands. (online) Available from:

What does Angus Australia say about Murray Greys being Silver Angus?
Chief Executive Officer of Angus Australia Peter Parnell said Murray Greys were a derivative of Angus and were treated as equivalent to Angus in the society’s BreedPlan.
“Essentially, we consider Murray Grey to be the same and see no hybrid vigour benefits of crossbreeding between the two,” he said.
“The society has no problem with Angus grids including Murray Grey genetics but that is a decision for individual businesses.”
Source: Goodwin, S. (2016). Black rules in Angus brands. (online) Available from:

Silver Angus is the Answer for Northern Beef Herds
By the very nature of the black coat the Angus breed has struggled to come up with the right heat tolerant Angus product for Northern Australia. Using sleek coated silver Angus bulls in Northern Australia could enhance the quality and reputation of Australian beef being produced in these areas and enhance marketing of Angus beef worldwide.
Wallawong Premium Beef is Your Source of Silver Angus Genetics
At Wallawong Premium Beef, our goal is to be the genetic partner in your business – providing consistent carcase performance genetics that enhance your bottom line.
As cattle breeders with a meat science and genetics backgrounds we produce genetics to meet modern market specifications. We apply strict physical and performance criteria to our herd and use genetic technologies to enhance selection criteria. Wallawong and clients have an extensive record of superior performance in carcase competitions throughout Australia. We supply bulls into northern and southern herds and welcome contact via phone, email, Facebook or website. Visitors always welcome.

Lachlan and Kate James 0402 839373

We’re constantly pushing ourselves to remain industry-leaders and love to hear from potential  clients, so please contact Wallawong

Here’s some client testimonials we have received:

What do your clients say about you?

“We purchase Wallawong bulls due to their high fertility, consistent high growth of the progeny and excellent carcase yields.

Wallawong have for many years used performance recording and EBVs, and breed for overall thickness in their sires. This for us has resulted in earlier turn off of our cattle for feedlots and grass fed finishing. Lachlan and Kate have been at the forefront of keeping the Murray Grey breed competitive and relevant in today’s market.”

Regards Col & Felicity James.(No Relation)!

Glen Innes. NSW


“We run around 150 purebred Murray Grey cows with our farming enterprise. We were looking for hassle free bulls with proven genetics that produce well muscled calves.

Wallawong stud sires have done this for us . From our first bulls we purchased 9 years ago to the young bull we purchased last year, each bull has produced stand out calves.
We have even sent some of our steers to Sydney Royal show with Wallawong stud and won ribbons, not many studs do this with clients.
The support and knowledge Lachlan and Kate provide is great ,especially when choosing a bull to target your chosen markets.
We would thoroughly recommend Wallawong stud to any beef producer.
John & Julie Barnier
Somerton. NSW

How can I buy your Murray Grey bulls?

At Wallawong Murray Greys we provide a huge range of cattle for sale. In addition to our annual sale every July, we sell bulls out of the paddock along with events thoughout the year, including Ag Quip in Gunnedah every August and Beef Australia events, held every three years in Rockhampton. To find out more, please take a look at our upcoming Murray grey cattle for sale events.

Can I book an inspection?

We have an open day each year, before our Murray Grey cattle sale in July, where you are able to inspect our animals in a non-sale environment. You can also contact us to book an inspection of our heifers, cows or bulls for sales throughout the year. We have accommodation on farm and visitors are always welcome.

What is the process with buying semen from Wallawong?

First we can work closely with you to develop a breeding program or recommend an AI sire to suit your specific needs. We offer bull semen for sale from our most successful sires, to strengthen the type and performance of your beef cattle.

All the semen in our bulls is stored at Northern Artificial Breeders, Scone NSW. Once you have selected the bulls and quantity of straws you would like to purchase, we will invoice you for the total purchase price. Once payment is received we notify Northern Artificial Breeders to release the semen and ship it to your nearest or nominated artificial breeding technician or address you supply. Typically this can all happen within a week as NAB send shippers every Monday.

You or your technician receive the semen shipper, take the semen out and store it in your own tank and return the shipper to NAB via the return address on it. We would generally recommend purchasing at least 10 straws of semen to justify the shipping costs.

Please contact us if you have any other questions about shipping semen.