Wallawong Vinnie Roe LEJ G35 – $33.00

Vinnie Roe is an outstanding high yielding Murray Grey bull of genuine frame score 5. He exhibits outstanding muscularity and softness and is a proven low birthweight sire.
We used Vinnie Roe over all our maiden heifers for two years and all calved unassisted. Our properties are spread out and we are not there to view calvings every day. In 2014/2015 we calved the heifers 80km from home. This is a fair indicator if our confidence in Vinnie Roe’s calving attributes.
Vinnie Roe has spent the last 2 years working on a commercial farm that operates their own butcher shop. They have also been very impressed with the offspring from conception to consumption describing the meat “as soft as butter”.
Vinnie Roe was also the sire of an 88.5pt Silver Medal winning Carcase at the 2016 Sydney Royal Easter Show.
We recommend him as a low birthweight sire of very high quality carcase offspring.
Back a winner with Vinnie Roe. Semen is available in USA.
Semen is qualified to be exported to New Zealand, USA, Brazil and Mexico

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